Dress for success – How a perfect suit can help you as you climb the dizzying heights of the corporate ladder

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Written By Ron Cooper

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When it comes to a job interview, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to win the role. From the way you talk to the way you act and most importantly of all; the way you dress.

You cannot escape the unavoidable fact that the first thing your potential employers are going to judge you on, the moment you walk into the room, is your appearance. If you walk into the interview in a pair of jeans and an old hoody, you are sending a very strong message that you are indifferent and ambivalent towards the job you are interviewing for.

However, if you enter the room wearing a tailor-made suit, that fits you perfectly, then you are already one step up on your competition. A well-made suit has, for many decades and even centuries now, been associated with success, both financially and socially. By wearing a suit, you can borrow some of these positive associations and perceptions, weaving them into your character.

By doing this, you are telling your potential employer, that you would be perfect for the job, without even saying a word.

Moreover, interviews are a serious business, and not to be approached lightly, by dressing appropriately, perhaps even being overdressed, based on the role you are interviewing for, you are telling your potential employer that you take the opportunity to work with them, extremely seriously. When you back this up with intelligent and well-researched answers to their questions, you are on a way-one route to success.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially of all, there are the subtle and nuanced differences between showing up in a generic and cheap suit and appearing in a bespoke and tailor-made item.

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The fact is that a suit isn’t always a suit. There is a world of difference between a cheap, mass-produced suit, and a bespoke design. And when it comes down to appearances, one looks better than the other.

At the end of the day, that’s what a job interview is all about, doing your best to appear like the best possible candidate for the job you are interviewing for. While a lot of this will be decided by your attitude, demeanor, and abilities, you’d be crazy not to also take advantage of the implicit and subliminal power that a good, well-made suit can give you.